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Here, at Blue Daisies, we follow the system of issue system in DecemberJanuary.

We’re currently CLOSED for submissions of poetry & prose!


•   The submissions are now closed for [issue name]. The theme is [theme].

•   There is no word limit for poetry, but we prefer it not to be too long. The word limit for prose is 3000 words. The format of the document should be in .DOCX and .DOC.


•   When submitting a piece, please follow the format of saving the title of the document as  name ‒ genre ‒ name of the piece.
Example: Rosie‒Poetry‒Cherry love. The subject line should contain the name of the month you’re submitting in.

•    Please include content warnings on pieces that might have triggering content or themes such as sexual assault or violence, suicide, eating disorders, abuse, etc. Submissions containing any racist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic or plagiarized text will not be entertained.

•    We do not accept previously published or simultaneous submissions.


•    You can submit upto three pieces in poetry or prose, but kindly do attach them in separate documents. Make sure to attach a short bio of 100 words in third person in the body of your mail as well as your pronouns at the top of your bio. All the submissions are to be mailed to us on in a single mail.

Happy Submitting!

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