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hi, i’m Berrs: a personified cherry, a literature major and the co-founder & editor of this journal. my pronouns are she/her. i often appreciate breathtaking cinematic visuals incorporated in both visual and written mediums, as well as try to bring them down into my own writing. i’m always writing stories which you may or may not ever find. find me

hi! i am Dahlia. my pronouns are they/them. they are blue’s co-founder, a history student seeking obscure metaphors in readings, skies and cities. feel free to lure them with creative writing competitions, waffles and silly adventures. unfortunately or fortunately, if you are close to them, you might find yourself featured on @drishenplusysummerpoems.

Blue Daisies happened on a summer evening in an online writing session between Dahlia and Berrs. This journal aims to be a cozy cot for experimentation with genre aesthetics. We do not weigh any contributor on the basis of their previous publications or reputation; it is the piece submitted to us that solely matters. Like many beautiful journals out there, we encourage submissions from women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, non-binary, trans people, and seek Asian representation & participation.

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