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everything comes easy by. cynthia chen

when i’m with you

easy smiles, easy days, easy love

and darling, i don’t mean this in a bad way but

everything about you is easy

you’re a reprieve in this exhausting world and

i’m tired of being disappointed

of being foolish

of being difficult

is it so bad that i just want

something easy for once?

to not tread water with weighted steps every time

fight an unfair battle, blaming it on love and war

i want something weightless

something simple

i’ve never seen something quite like you.


Cynthia Chen is a freshman at Northeastern University. She enjoys writing about anything and everything, from shower thoughts to 2 AM ideas, confused feelings and old memories, little bits and pieces of her life. Her poetry has previously been published by Pluvia Literary Magazine.

Painting by. Delia Cancela

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